Venerdì 17 Gennaio 2019

Houston – Deadstring Brothers
Hard Hat & A Hammer – Alan Jackson
Rattlesnake – American Aquarium
No One But You – Doug Paisley
Brady – Backyard Tire Fire
Beaver Creek – Bill Booth
Lead Me On – Cory Morrow
The Coast – Court Yard Hounds
China Town – Folk Soul Revival
The Lovin’ Cup – Hayes Carll

Giovedì 16 Gennaio 2020

Hobo on a Train – Lou Reid & Carolina
Wildwood Flower Blues – The Caleb Daugherty Band
Ain’t Nobody Gonna Miss Me – The Garrett Newton Band
Big Star – Arkamo Rangers
Blue Moon Over Texas – Williamson Branch
West Virginia Rail – Joe Hott
You’re Always Coming Back to Me – Tony Rook Band
What Time Is It – Drifters Mile
Whiskey I.V. – Collins Brothers Band
Time – Buffaloe & the Heard
Maroon & Gold – Cameron Sacky Band

mercoledì 15 Gennaio 2020

A Cowboy Like Me – Matt Mercado
Middle of Nowhere – Urban Pioneers
Lee County Blues – B.B. Palmer
Oh, What Are You to Do – Nathan Truax
The Boys We Were (OurVinyl Sessions) – Wade Sapp
Ann Marie – AJ Downing and the Buick6
Rather Low – Nick Shoulders
Mayfly – Mighty Ghosts
Be on Time – The Kay Brothers
Cryin’ Shame – The Shotgun Brothers Band

Martedì 14 Gennaio 2020

You Don’t Want Me – Dennis Bouwman & the Wild Roses
No Handle – The Panhandlers
Mama Was Right – Whiskey Puppy
Nashville Man – Mick Mullin
Baby On the Way – Dallas Jones & Molly Healey
Drinkin’ Way of Life – Zac Clifton
Sweeter on the Vine – Squirrel Butter
The Henrys – Borwregards
Bad Tom Smith – Hammertowne
Who Knew – The Waysiders

Lunedì 13 Gennaio 2020

Never Heard of You – Alec Davis
The Times They Are A Changin – Bob Dylan
Folsom Prison Blues (Live at Folsom State Prison, Folsom, CA January 13 1968) – Johnny Cash
Take It from Me – The Crocker Brothers
Whiskey in Your Water – Evan Felker
Songs Nobody Knows – Brad Durham
Stir up a Little Dust – Michael Ray Fain
Ramblin’ Ways – Addison Lea Thompson
Addiction – Bryan Martin
Without You – James Steinle

Sabato 11 Gennaio 2020

Hank3 – Mickey Lamantia
France Blues – The Tallboys
Still Love You Still – AJ Lee & Blue Summit
Insecurities – Melissa Jones Auld
Wake Me – Bear Market Riot
Ride This Road – Aaron Bibelhauser
Penny, Heads Up – Caamp
Milwaukee – Chicken Wire Empire
Honey Darlin’ – Borr McFerrin
The Reason This Railroad – Mike Ross

Venerdì 10 Gennaio 2020

You Don’t Want Me – Dennis Bouwman & the Wild Roses
Country Star – The Onlies
I Don’t Want to Get Married – Allison de Groot & Tatiana Hargreaves Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves – Dani Flowers
Carolina – Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs
Wyoming Child – Aaron Bibelhauser
The Queen Bee – Cox’s Army
Move a Little Closer – Jason James
Movin’ On – Merle Monroe
The Way That I Wanted – Kind Country
Yeah Buddy – Wynn Williams