Martedì 20 Marzo 2018

Fire Flies – Black Water Roll
Love Song – Memphis Kee Love Song
Thinking Bout You – Jonathan Terrell
Hurts so Bad – Chet Johnson Band
She Ain’t Leavin [feat. Bri Bagwell] – Mark McKinney
Songs On the Radio – No Justice
Hollywood – The Stateline Band
Frangela – The Texas K.G.B.
Sleep When We Die – Next to Kin Kindergarten
Like I’m Your Whiskey – Grant Gilbert

Martedì 19 Marzo 2018

Somewhere, Somehow – Western Youth
Lubbock Wind – Caleb Allemand
What’s Going On – Hayseed Dixie
Tell Me – Colton O’Neill
Cursed – Jay Statham & The Tokie Show
Tazer Night – Michael Quinn And The Bourbon Kings
Gypsy Death Rattle – Tennessee Stiffs
Brazos – Cody Ray Henry Band
Foolish Kind – Law by the Gun

Venerdì 16 Marzo 2018

Got Me Girl – The RagTown Chiefs
Mr. Lee – Willie Sugarcapps
$50 And a Flask of Crown – Matt Poss Band
Everything – Ryan Ross Band
Texas Shores – Zac Stokes
Cowboy Way – Tessy Lou and the Shotgun Stars
Not East Being Me – Brendyn Kyle Band
Clean Slate – Read Southall Band
Your Damn Vanity – Harvest Thieves
Don’t Let Me Go – Justin Kemp Band
Still Out There Running – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats

Giovedì 15 Marzo 2018

Restless – Jake Ward
The Other One – Shotgun Josephine
Sweet Lucy – Matt Poss Band
Next Drink – The Rhyolite Sound
Whiskey, Water and Wine – Zach Aaron Honky Tonk Hero – Waylon Pierce
Hearts From Above – Micky and The Motorcars
One of a Kind – Hunter Hutchinson
Take You Home Tonight – Aaron Watson
Pullin’ Weeds – Calamity Janes
Feels This Right – Casey Donahew

Mercoledì 14 Marzo 2018

Get Plowed – Jason Coley Byrd
Dirty – Tyler Farr
Memories and Mistakes – Blake Burrow
Old Back Road – Garrett Simon & The Thomas Creek Band
Not Going Down – John Dempsy
Don’t Take Off – Wise Old Moon
The Other Side – Shea Abshier & the Nighthowlers
18 Beers – JJ Garrett Band
I Think About You – Jonathan Moody
Alcoholic – Tyler Rogers

Martedì 13 Marzo 2018

Little Sister – The Rusty Brothers
More Crown Than Coke – Ray Johnston Band
Old Back Road – Garrett Simon & The Thomas Creek Band
Goodbye Dallas – Judson Cole Band
Unexpected – Erica Perry
Take a Look Around – Shane O’Dazier
Drinkin’ Out Loud – Dan Adams
More Time Drinking Beer – Southern Drawl Band
One Good Beer – Brian Davis
I’m With U – Thom Shepherd & Coley McCabe

Lunedì 12 Marzo 2018

Southside – JD Edge
Train Down the Line – Mipso
Kick Out the Windows – Parsonsfield
A Little Honey – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
What Do You Say? – Austin English
Coming Home – Troy Murph
Can I Buy You a Country Song? – Steve Helms Band
Gone Up in Flames – Station Creek
Lingers (feat. The Calamity Janes) – Bill Bear & The RBT Band
Letters – The Meadows Brothers
Blue Collar Dreams – Balsam Range