Giovedì 18 Gennaio 2018

Hicks & Chicks – W.C. Edgar
Amarillo Highway (feat. Aaron Watson) – Jake Kellen
Getaway Truck – Aaron Watson
Life Of Sin – Sturgill Simpson
Ship of Fools – Pert Near Sandstone
Farm Song – Hank Williams, Jr.
Fall Time – Dylan Bloom Band
Daisy Dukes – The James Lee Band
Lonely Be My Lover (feat. The Bottle Rockets) – Susan Cattaneo
Can’t Stay Away – Kiefer Sutherland
Goodbye Earl – Dixie Chicks

Mercoledì 17 Gennaio 2018

Yesterday Road – The Great Divide
Willie’s Road – Zane Williams
Preacher Man – Johnny Walther
5 O’clock Somewhere Kinda Love – Drew Moreland
“We Are Texas Strong” (A Harvey Song) – Frank Martin Gilligan
I’m a Wanderer – Chris Jones & The Night Drivers
One – Shane Tubbs Band
Whiskey Bottle – Scott Southworth
Every Bar Has Got One – Whiskey Bent
Chasin’ the Sun – Emmett Bower Band
Long Time Gone – Dixie Chicks

Martedì 16 Gennaio 2018

You Should Be Mine – Waitin’ on Hayden
Hey Yall – Caleb & the Homegrown Tomatoes
Texas Broke My Heart – Jon Stork
Back to You – Cottonwood Crows
Long Way Down – Troy Cartwright
Lake Bum – Kyle Wilson
Beckett’s Back Forty – Rio Grand
Dusty and Tracy – 80 Proof Band
Redneck Yacht Club – Thom Shepherd
Santa Fe Train – Six Market Blvd

Lunedì 15 Gennaio 2018

Robert Jenkins – Zach Nytomt
Drive Me Crazy – Skylar Payne
Rodeo Blues (feat. Leroy Gibbons) – Jon Stork
Roundup Fire – Brenn Hill
Back to Being Stoned – Bryan James
East Texas Ways – Cottonwood Crows
Them Broncs – Matt Robertson
Long Line of Lovers – Jackson Taylor & The Sinners
We’ll Never Make It – Cameron Wrinkle
Cigarette Trees – The Local Honeys
Learn to Fly – Parker McCollum
Fall Apart – Micky and The Motorcars

Venerdì 12 Gennaio 2018

That Could Be Us – Amarillo Junction
Grandpa’s Skin – Phil Madeira
Ocean Lady – Trout Steak Revival
Company You Keep – Randy Rogers Band
Oilfield Town – Sam Riggs and The Night People
Born to Die – The Buffalo Ruckus
Morning Time – Clayton Landua Music
Hangin’ On – Atteberry Station
Back Home – Charlie Hager & The Captain Legendary Band
I Got You to Keep Me Company – Kyle Wilson