Martedì 16 Luglio 2019

In Love By Now – Riley Green
Little Bird – Lucy Isabel
Out of Dodge – The Hollering Pines
Rolling Stone – Whiskey Myers
Step by Step – Drivin’ N’ Cryin’
Oughta Get Drunk – Josh Abbott Band
Miss You – Honeysuckle
Love, Fortune Or Fame – Big Shoals
Highway Song – The May North
Lost and Lonely Miles – Tylor & the Train Robbers

Lunedì 15 Luglio 2019

All Shines Through – Yarn
All I Have – Mat Kearney
Little More You – Josh Abbott Band
So Many Miles – Billy Failing
Only Queen – Big Shoals
Secondhand – The Small Glories
Can’t Complain – In the Kitchen
Taste of the Good Times – Will Beeley
I’m Gonna Make You Love Me – Buddy & Julie Miller
Jolene – Calah Delaney

Sabato 13 Luglio 2019

All of a Sudden – Josh Abbott Band
As Good as It Gets – MoeDeLL
On & On – Sean Marshall & The Near Miss
When the Kids Are Gone – Griffin House
The World Is On Fire – American Aquarium
Ok Whiskey – Jason Eady
Love Is a Gamble – Feeding Leroy
Debtors’ Prison – Dustbowl Revival

Venerdì 12 Luglio 2019

Hey, Heartbreaker – Matt Woods
I Don’t Know – Simon James
Daffodil – In the Kitchen
Standing Still – Andy Thorn
Oh My Love – The Small Glories
Outlaw – Chris Andres
We’ll Die Young – Honeysuckle
Good Old Fashioned Pain – Taylor Alexander
Friday Night – Sammy Steele Band

Giovedì 11 Luglio 2019

Got Here As Fast As I Could – Tommy Alverson
The Boys of Summer – Front Country
Lady in the Spotlight – JP Harris
Ain’t Got the Time – Brooks Forsyth
Just Good Night – Michigan Rattlers
Cocaine Cold & Whiskey Shakes – Rick Monroe
Wrong Kind of Medicine – Mustered Courage
Loving You Never Gets Old – Jimmy Rankin
I’m Doing Fine – Corey Hunt Band
Camellia – Steep Canyon Rangers

Mercoledì 10 Luglio 2019

Give a Little Lovin’ – JP Harris
Doorbells – Garrett Ford
Hold Me Down – A Different Thread
Land – Unspoken Tradition
It Ain’t Love – Green River Ordinance
Medicine Hat – Son Volt
Porch Light – Caleb Allemand
Starting All Over – Bo Spring Band
White Crosses – Silo Road
Parting of the Clouds – Wrinkle Neck Mules

Martedì 9 Luglio 2019

So Clean – Damhnait Doyle
Mr. Lonely – Midland
Waiting on You – Laney Lou and the Bird Dogs
Gutters – Blank Range
Five Minutes More – Between The Vines
Answering Bell – Ryan Adams
Scarlet Coat – Mike Ross
Bluegrass Babes – Chain Station
Sugarcane Wine – Trailer Hippies, Tommy Davis & Silvia Davis
Hello – Driftwood