Martedì 29 Ottobre 2019

Good as Gone – David Starr
Papa Come Quick (Jody & Chico) – The Likely Culprits
Julie – Band of Ruhks
On a Night Like This – Trick Pony
Gold Watch and Chain – The Carter Family
Rawhide – An American Forrest
What Ain’t Mine – Bear Market Riot
Come on Time – Willie Nelson
College Dropout – Chris Jones & the Flycatchers
Dancehalls Are Dead – Briana Adams

Lunedì 28 Ottobre 2019

Tore-up Junction – Arty Hill and the Long Gone Daddys
The Devil Went Down to Georgia – The Charlie Daniels Band
Heaven South – Brad Paisley
The Truth – Moonshine Hangover
Billy Creek – Charlie Shafter
Hard Times – Darnell Boys
Great Ideas – Sam Lewis
Don’t Take Off – Wise Old Moon
It’s All on You – Doc West
Failure’s Not an Option – James Cook

Sabato 26 Ottobre 2019

The Nerve – Dalton Domino
Fire On the Mountain – Iron Horse
Kind & Generous – Natalie Merchant
Forbidden Fruit – Boys Called Susan
I’m a Lonesome Fugitive – Merle Haggard
Before I Go – Mustered Courage
House of the Risin’ Sun – Bob Dylan
Whiskey – Cody Jinks
Rodeo Girl – Micky and The Motorcars
Lovin’ on Back Streets – Dallas Moore

Venerdì 25 Ottobre 2019

Tornadohead – The Kokomo Kings
The Wanting (feat. Tennessee Jet) – Cody Jinks
The Lake – Tim Grimm
Cowboy Rides Again – Dakota Ritter
Throw This Dawg a Bone – Tyler Stokes
Bottle Runs Dry – Bullet Creek
Nashville – Southern Brave
Pretty Good Divide – An American Forrest
Still Getting High – Tylor & the Train Robbers

Giovedì 24 Ottobre 2019

High Maintenance Woman – Hank Williams, Jr.
Heaven in a Wheelbarrow – The Dead South
All Night Long – Steve Martin & Steep Canyon Rangers
Not Drinkin’ Tonight – Briana Adams
Ain’t Goin Back to Jail – JB and the Moonshine Band
The Truth – Moonshine Hangover
You Got an App for That? – Creed Fisher
Lonesome Kitchen Blues – Bigfoot Yancey
Billy Creek – Charlie Shafter
Heartless – Anna Stockdale

Mercoledì 23 Ottobre 2019

One Setback at a Time – Pete Berwick
Honky Tonk Man – Dwight Yoakam
Diamond Ring – The Dead South
Ain’t a Train – Cody Jinks
Home – Young Forest
Day Drinkin’ – Jordan Nix & The Day Drinkers
Dark To Dark – An American Forrest
Desperado – Chris Jones & the Flycatchers
White Hot Country Mess – Emily Scott Robinson

Martedì 22 Ottobre 2019

Knee Deep (In You and Me) – Amber Eyes
Devil to Some – Sugar Britches
The Reason This Railroad – Mike Ross
Reputation – Jon Byrd
Beer and Gasoline – Pushwater
Good Intentions – Tanner Sparks
Reaper – Strong Water
My Special Place – The Golden Roses
Make Her Dance – Marcus Lindsey Band
Beauty Queen – Mason Marek