Giovedì 27 Febbraio 2020

Ricochet – John Surge and the Haymakers
Doin’ Just Fine – Tony Lundervold
Doin’ Alright – The Barefoot Movement
Run Run – Cup O’Joe
Sunrise Road – Duane Mark
Colorado Freeze – Grain Thief
Giant – The Lil Smokies
Burnt the Sawmill Down – The Caleb Daugherty Band
Drive – The Wolff Sisters
Nashville – Southern Brave

Mercoledì 26 Febbraio 2020

Buck up and Huck It – Wylie & The Wild West
Solitary Man – Johnny Cash
Detroit – Band of Ruhks
Every Silver Lining – Gary Allegretto
Half Full – Chain Station
Can’t Change Horses – Dan Roberts
Ghost Riders in the Sky – The Sons of the Pioneers
So I Can Say Goodbye – Ryan Miller
Dark Mountainside – Carolina Blue
Back in the High Life Again – Chris Jones & The Night Drivers

Martedì 25 Febbraio 2020

Live Myself to Death Before I Die – Lee Sims Ride Away – Kathy Kallick Band
Yesterday’s Heartache – Kristy Cox
Oh Darlin’ (feat. Dale Ann Bradley & Tina Adair) – Bradley & Adair
Buckaroo Man – Dave Stamey
Fishing Line – Slim Chance
Pocahontas – Trampled By Turtles
Whiskey Trail – Mile Twelve
Absolute Surprise – Craig Cummings
Born Again – Alan Bibey & Grasstowne

Lunedì 24 Febbraio 2020

What Else is New – Cody Jinks
Changing Heart – The Byrds
Take It Easy – Eagles
Where’s Tammy Wynette – Kellie Pickler
Songs My Mama Sang – Zephaniah OHora
Copper Queen – Brian Johannesen
Take It Easy – Miss Tess
Love Triangle – Mickey Lamantia
Seagulls – Wood Belly
Take Me to the Mountains – Dirt Road Sweetheart & Nora Jane Struthers
Mrs. Robinson – Hayseed Dixie

Sabato 22 Febbraio 2020

Every Little Thing – The Barefoot Movement
Gone Are the Days – Wood Belly
Loretta – Trout Steak Revival
Cactus Flower – The Panhandlers
Questions – Cup O’Joe
Every Damn Time (feat. Pam Tillis) – Drew Fish Band
I Love My Life – Linda Arseneault
Lily Dale – Junior Sisk
Ready for the Sun to Shine Again – Lauren Mascitti
So I Can Say Goodbye – Ryan Miller

Venerdì 21 Febbraio 2020

This Is the Night – The Delta Bombers
Southern Breeze – Rob Leines
Country Folk – Duane Steele
Till I Met You – Cup O’Joe
Whiskey Tornado – Forrest Williams
Home – Trout Steak Revival
Western Gold – Gethen Jenkins
Houston Time – Drake Dobard
Rose Marie – Jack Marks
27 Summers Down – Erin Lunsford

Giovedì 20 Febbraio 2020

Be Afraid – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit
The Waiting Game – Cup O’Joe
Believe Me, Angela – Whitney Rose
Station to Station – Chatham County Line
Get In Line Buddy – Junior Sisk
I Wanna Go Back (feat. Phil Leadbetter & Steve Wariner) – All Stars Of Bluegrass
$13 Beers – Chicago Farmer
I Left My One Spot (Back at the 5 Spot) – Elijah Ocean
All by My Lonesome – Mickey Lamantia
Postcard from Pasadena – Gord Bamford
Slow Climb – Nora Jane Struthers